The most beautiful beaches of Salento

Lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu.... A fascinating land, rich in tradition and a multitude of heavenly beaches and crystal clear sea. If you're planning your holidays in Salento, perhaps for the Notte della Taranta, I suggest the best beaches not to be missed:
Adriatic coast
  • ROCA VECCHIA (MELENDUGNO)  famous for the Cave of Poetry, karst and circular source, which can be accessed either by sea or by foot and the nearby SAN FOCA surrounded by picturesque coves 
  • TORRE DELL'ORSO (MARINA DI MELENDUGNO) with two large rocks that look alike, called the Two Sisters on the beach front. Legend has it that the rocks represent the two sisters who drowned in front of the beach Melendugno bewitched by the beauty of the sea. The gods, having received compassion, transformed them into rocks so they could watch forever the beloved sea.
  • TORRE SANT'ANDREA (MELENDUGNO) - characterized by beautiful cliffs eroded by the sea, a beautiful beach and a cave which is known as the Cave of Lovers
  • BAY OF TURKS e ALIMINI (MELENDUGNO) a few km from Otranto. Behind the beach there is a thick pine forest, followed, close to the sea, by a mediterranean pine forest.
Ionian coast
  • PORTO SELVAGGIO (MARINA DI NARDO') - included in the protected area of the Regional Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio and Captain Marsh
  • MARINA DI PESCOLUSE (MARINA DI SALVE) - 4 km of white sand known as the Maldives of Salento
  • PUNTA DELLA SUINA (GALLIPOLI) - Officially Named "the Caribbean of the Ionian Sea" and BAIA VERDE  approximately one kilometer from Punta della Suina
  • PUNTA PROSCIUTTO (PORTO CESAREO) - fine white sand, beautiful dunes, surrounded by Mediterranean greenery and only very few houses.
  • PORTO CESAREO - Here, there is a wide coastal strip made of Mediterranean dunes, golden sandy coves and low cliffs and deep blue water. The coastal dunes are part of the Natural Reserve of the Earl Marsh and Dune Coast
  • TORRE LAPILLO BAY (PORTO CESAREO) - One of the longest beaches of Salento, surrounded by a "reef" ideal for snorkeling
  • CASTRO MARINA - (LECCE) with Zinzulusa Cave, the most famous of all the Salento
  • PONTE CIOLO - (GAGLIANO DEL CAPO) a true spectacle of nature, a canyon that flows into the sea through a series of steps built on the rock surrounded by thick Mediterranean vegetation of prevailing cornflower of Leuca

 The tourist destinations and the villages of Salento

Nestled between the Ionian Sea to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the east,Salento comprises the whole province of Lecce, almost all of Brindisi and part of that of Taranto. From the artistic point of view, Salento offers Lecce baroque art, imposing cathedrals, Aragonese castles, Norman, Angevin and watch towers spread over the entire coast. Among the most beautiful villages of Salento are those by  Gallipoli,  known as the Pearl of the Ionian Sea, Lecce, Nard√≤ and Otranto.

 Typical products of Salento

Salento cuisine is characterized by many typical and famous dishes and fine wines as the DOC Primitivo di Manduria or Negroamaro.

Worthy of note are:
  • Pezzetti, a stew of horse meat in spicy sauce
  • Pitta of potatoes, a potato pizza low containing a large quantity of onions, turnips, tomato.
  • Puccia, bread with olives
  • Rustic, with a thin white sauce, mozzarella, tomato, pepper and occasionally nutmeg
  • Friseddhe or frise, typical of the entire Puglia region
  • Pittule (or pettule), pancakes filled with turnips, squash blossoms, cod or without filling that you can taste dunked in mulled win
  • Pasticciotto leccese, pastry and custard
  • Fruttone, stuffed pastry with jam and paste mandorlale
  • the lady mouth
  • Spumone salentino, layered hazelnut ice cream, chocolate or pistachio
  • Pittedde, biscuits with jam of quince and grape

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