• Torre Vado: four-hours boat trip on the Ionian-Adriatic side
  • TTorre Vado: sunset excursion to Punta Ristola
  • Torre Vado: four-hours boat trip on the Ionian-Adriatic side

Torre Vado: four-hours boat trip on the Ionian-Adriatic side

Discover Salento from the sea





Starting from the Port of Torre Vado the navigation towards Leuca begins. 
At the exit of the port we stop to point out to guests how the landscape gradually changes to go to Leuca, leaving the sandy beach to find the low rocks that are gradually growing.
Passing through the Marina of San Gregorio it slows down to admire the splendid villa, once a coastal tower, rich in history, where in the Messapian age there was a small but important port.
After passing the Felloniche marina, the last small stretch of sand on the Ionic side, you reach the first cave, Grotta del Drago, it will be shown the two particular rocks that give the name to this wonder of nature whose walls are colored by iron, copper and zinc minerals.
Passing through Punta Marchieddhu, where the ruins of a tower rise, you reach the small gulf that contains the countless caves.
Here we will visit:

  • Grotta della Stalla, an ancient shelter for fishermen;
  • Cave of the Giants, in which bones of a prehistoric elephant were found;
  • Cave of the Three Doors, inside from which there are 2 small caves, Tweety and Grotta del Bambino, very important because inside were found the bones of the skull of a Neolithic age child;
  • Grotta del Fiume, bed of an ancient river of karst origin.

After visiting the last cave of the Ionic side, the trip reaches Punta Ristola from which we continue and we approach the port of Leuca to admire the marvelous villas and the monumental staircase that joins Leuca to Santa Maria di Leuca, where the sanctuary stands majestically.
In front of this show, the guests are always enchanted by the legends told by the crew on these wonderful places.
It starts towards the Adriatic Sea and right at the intersection of the two seas the boat slows down to allow guests to continue taking beautiful photos of a trip full of history and natural beauty.
Before arriving at the first cave, one notices the considerable difference in depth of the backdrop and the shape of the caves, which from round and low become tall and narrow.

On this side the caves are:

  • Terradico Cave or Tent of Indians with a characteristic tent shape;
  • Verdusella Cave whose walls are rich in copper and sulfur;
  • Ortocupo Cave;
  • Soffio cave from which puffs of water come out
  • Cave of the Vora with a chasm on the ceiling that studies have ascertained arrivals up to the Vore di Barbarano about 15 km away.

The first stop for the bath is carried out near the Soffio cave.
Guests are accompanied by the on-board staff to visit the inside of this semi-submerged cave.
The second stop for the bath will instead be carried out on the Ionian Sea near the Grotta del Fiume.
Also in this case, only and only accompanied by the crew will be able to swim to the entrance of a tunnel that will lead to another cave and then swim again to the boat. Guests who do not want to swim can safely wait in the boat with a crew member who will remain at their disposal.

On the return journey to Torre Vado an aperitif will be offered as follows:
- tomato friselline
- "simeddhi" and "vuliate" typical pugliese bread
- focaccia
- seasonal fruit
- white and red wine, water, orange juice and coca- cola

The price is per person


From April 1st to October 30th
4 hours

Italian, English

Things to remember 

Swimsuit , towel , hat and sunscreen
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