Manfredonia: excursion to Lake Salso 

Discovering the oasis of Salso Lake





Lago Salso is a nature reserve that encompasses one of the most important wetlands in southern Italy for many species of birds including raptors, shorebirds, ducks, waders. Many of these are migratory birds that spend the breeding season in this reserve. The path that you should be obligatorily accompanied by a nature guide from the reserve, passes through huge pastures dry up over an area of flooded pastures where birds perch to look for food below the water level.

Tour duration: 2 hours
Elevation difference: No difference
Degree of difficulty: Touristic

The price is per group of participants (not per person).

from March to December

Things to remember
Clothing to wear for this hike should be comfortable and appropriate for the current season. In particular, a so-called "onion" clothing allows you to cover you in case of cold and discover when the temperatures rise. Always wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts to avoid insect bites and thorns of the bushes. The colors of the clothes should never be too gaudy, but similar to the colors of the environment you are pursuing. Always wear shoes and socks hiking boots are required for a comfortable and safe driving. Always carry water. I also recommend a good hiking backpack, telescopic poles, caps and sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, binoculars, garbage bag, sandwiches, snacks or dried fruit. To avoid salty foods, alcohol and smoking. The council finally to bring drugs in case you are suffering from allergies or intolerance to various substances.

Meeting point

Italian, English

Cancellation cost
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